We made this movie to make sure everyone understood the secrets of our origins. However, this was made before we proudly added Unity Games to our panoply of all-things-tech-and-creative. This was a blast to make. Our rule was, since we had so many ideas, we had to just make sure the ideas resounded, and that each element could be conceived and constructed within 2 hours (except the Lamborghini and the Spaceship - wow I love saying those things together). There were over 100 elements to construct, from the set, and over 40 shots. Enjoy!

Our current project is our Unity 3D Debut Game! This is the one where we show people our unstoppable creative force by not trying to be an unstoppable creative force, and just enjoy games, art, music, humor. and strive for the hilarious or crazy qualities that pull us under the spell of real storytellers. These were the experiences we found in games we grew up, modernized for a world that thinks a 1/2 hour long. Long Live Monty Python! Long Live Science Fiction! Check our blogs and tweets for a great laugh, and to follow along.

National Geographic has been publishing their digital editions with Zinio online newsstand since December 2009. In February of 2010, Hurling Design was contracted by ZCS to take the National Geographic magazine to the next level with video, animations, interactive content, and project management for the online interactive department. Watch our video to see Hurling Design's contributions in 17 issues of National Geographic - Interactive Edition.

VIV Mag, is the first exclusively digital women's luxury and lifestyle magazine, bringing cutting edge interactive experiences to their readers. Hurling Design has enjoyed working with the staff of VIV Mag from 2009 to 2011. Hurling Design was contracted by VIV to provide project management, interactive development, motion graphics and motion design for feature videos. Check out our video to see Hurling Design's contributions to this award winning magazine! Go Green, Go Digital!

VIV Motion Graphics
Hurling Design helped VIV Mag push the boundaries of what was being done in digital magazines with extraordinary motion graphics to highlight the cover and feature stories. Click the thumbnail to see a collection of some of our favorite pieces.

Eagles Insider is a monthly magazine for Philadelphia Eagles fans. Hurling Design was contracted by ZCS to enhance the readers experience by programming unique animations, slide-shows, videos, roto-scoping work, and 360 product animation.

Contracted through Zinio Creative Services, Hurling Design developed an interactive ad campaign for KIA, to be placed in multiple interactive magazines, targeting 14 different ratios. The ads included streaming and embedded videos, image galleries, and custom animations.

Hurling Design developed a monthly Interactive magazine for Successful Farming with custom animations, streaming video and slideshow integration. (Contracted through ZCS)

This is Estee Lauder's ad campaign, to be placed in multiple interactive magazines, targeting 14 different ratios. Hurling Design developed custom flash animations for this campaign, contracted through Zinio Creative Services.

Contracted through Zinio Creative Services, Hurling Design developed new animations and interactive content for Macy's on a bi-monthly schedule targeting 14 different ratios and unique animations for each design.

Contracted through Zinio Creative Services, Hurling Design developed interactive content for the Tennis and USTA interactive magazines, Including instructional animations, 360 views of courts and new racket styles, slide-shows, videos, and paginated content.

Hurling Design, contracted through ZCS, developed interactive flash ads that let the reader select custom looks and colors for their own sunglasses, or randomize their choices for a unique look. We also developed a quarterly interactive magazine, Oakley One Icon, that created an immersive experience with interactive content such as; videos, slide-shows, audio, and animations. Pick up your own free issue here.

Trend-Tex is a unique, custom built Joomla website with a shopping cart and much more. This Site offers plenty of additional features for the Trend-Tex users including a custom built store locator, mass emailing, ability to import/export users and inventory via CSV. www.trendtex.com

Contracted through Zinio Creative Services, Hurling Design assisted in producing Interactive Magazines for Rolling Stone's special Issues; '500 Greatest Songs of all Time' and also, the 'The Playlist Issue' in 2010. These interactive issues brought the music even closer to the fans by allowing the fans to hear samples of the audio of the songs, and putting them a button click away from purchasing the greatest songs of all time!

Beelines Medication List is an easy-to-use flash application that allows you to track your medications with a visual representation of the medication. We also built a custom php based web service to create a pdf of your medication list and email it to yourself, or your doctor. It is housed in a Joomla CMS system, highly customized, with a K2 Blog for maximum SEO. We love Beelines Medication List. Fantastic Tool devised by Bryan Gough and Margaret Sewell.